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Description of a tantric massage

Before the beginning of a tantric massage you are offered the opportunity to shower. This is followed by space for a brief conversation, during which the masseuse familiarizes you with the course of a tantric massage, listens to the intentions that you have come to the massage with, answer your questions and hears out your possible fears or desires. During the conversation you and the masseuse will come to an agreement on how far you want to go during the massage. The entire process of the tantric massage is about you and you alone determine what is good for you and what is not.

Then the actual massage takes place by candlelight and while listening to relaxing music, with the whole space pleasantly scented by the aroma of essential oils. The tantric massage begins with you lying on your stomach and the masseuse touches you with very soft and gentle touches to the back and back part of your body. The task of this introductory part is to evoke a feeling of relaxation throughout your body.

Unlike most other massage studios, no aids (feathers, fur) are used during massages, with the whole massage being done with the loving touches of masseuses. We consider human touch and contact more intense during energy transmission and we can also awaken a deep feeling of relaxation in you using sensitive touches.

The introductory part of the tantric massage is followed by a more intensive full body oil massage, which aims to awaken new energy in you and at the same time put you into a state of absolute relaxation. During the massage, we consider it important that you try to keep your mind in the present moment, which is very important for total relaxation and for inducing a meditative state. We only use pure olive and sunflower oil for massaging. These oils moisturize your skin, and their use allows us to perform a delicate while simultaneously intense massage.

The classic tantric massage is finished with a massage of the intimate areas. The aim of this massage is not a climax, however we do not consider it as something that could not happen. Your body itself says what it needs at that moment. It always depends on you, how far you want to go during the massage.

During the whole massage your personality and uniqueness is taken into account, the whole tantric massage is all about you and you alone can choose what is pleasant for you and what is beneficial for your relaxation. After finishing the massage you have the space to express your thoughts and feelings. The masseuse will be happy to answer any questions.