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Tantric massage for couples

In our salon you can also enjoy a relaxing massage full of energy together with your partner. Revel in the gentle touches of the masseuse in two and fill your relationship with an influx of new energy.

Tantric massage for couples, according to our possibilities, is only carried out by one masseuse. The massage itself is carried out in a similar manner to a classical tantric massage, with the only difference being that you experience the whole massage together with your partner. You can choose yourself whether you want to be massaged alternately, in individual phases of massage, or whether first one person from the couple will be massaged and then the other.

The one who is not being massaged at the moment can meditate or actively join in the massage of their partner. You can find out what touches are exciting for you and your partner and then try out a massage at home yourself.

Also during the tantric massage for couples the most important thing is you and your partner. You can choose what's comfortable for you during the massage and how far you want to go. The most important thing is your satisfaction, sense of security and spontaneity.